Hardware Setup

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The MuonPi HAT board is a plug-on board for Raspberry-Pi minicomputers exhibiting a 40-pin GPIO-connector. Only place the board on the RPi with power disconnected. Use 13 mm long plastic spacers and 2.5mm metric screws to fix the board.

Cable Connections

The preamplifier attached to the SiPM-PCB and the Scintillator has two connections: One for the provision of the SiPM bias voltage (27...32V for KETEK-type SiPMs) and one for the combined output signal and preamp supply voltage. Both connectors are u.Fl-type coaxial receptacles with the same counterparts on the MuonPi board. They should be connected with standard u.Fl coaxial cables which are widely available (eg. at Amazon, Ebay or AliExpress). The connection details are shown in the photograph below. The GNSS antenna is mounted to the SMA jack X7 at the lower edge of the board. Note, that antennas with integrated preamplifier ("active" antennas) are recommended to use in conjunction with the MuonPi board.

Hardware connections between MuonPi HAT board and detector