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The MuonPi Cosmic Detector Project

The MuonPi Project is a RaspberryPi-based system using an inexpensive plastic scintillator + SiPM photo sensor to detect muons from cosmic air showers with a time-stamping accuracy of several tens of nanoseconds utilizing the u-blox NEO-M8N GNSS module's "timemark" feature.

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The Hardware


The SiPM photo sensor which detects the dim light generated inside the scintillation detector is mounted on a small SiPM board. Different numbers of SiPMs and read-out configurations can be realized through its flexible design.


The preamplifier is located in close vicinity to the SiPM photodetector board and amplifies the weak signals for transmission to the MuonPi board, where they are further processed and evaluated.

The MuonPi-Board

The main signal processing, voltage generation and parameter monitoring and adjustment is done on the Raspberry Pi plug-on MuonPi Board.

The Software

How to set up a MuonPi Raspberry Pi Setup

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